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We have created a comprehensive guide to every major field trip in all major US cities.

San Francisco

From Elementary to High School Elementary teachers have used our printable lined paper.


Hello from Sabrina and Jody Weissler The San Francisco Bay area is an amazing place to travel to. With countless field trip destinations for children and truly an amazing history and geography, we know that you will love our bay area travel guide.
The Bay Area is a place for incredible Zoos and Museums Millions of visitors go to incredible museums of Berkeley, San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose each year. The Teachtopia Network has a focus on education, soswe are proud to have features on major schools that you should visit with your children including UC Berkeley, San Francisco State, and Sonoma State.
“Thanks to BayAreawithKids, I was able to plan my San Francisco Vacation” - Adam W.

San Francisco, Berkeley,

Oakland, San Jose, Vallejo,

Marin and more.

Bay Area Amusement Parks

Phoenix Area Area Hotels Phoenix Scottsdale